Socket 370 slot 1 adapter

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Felipe, aquele adaptador Soquete 370 -> Slot 1 não serve neste caso? É que comprei um Adaptador SSA (Slot to Socket Adapter) da Gigabyte modelo  Upgradeware Slot-T Tualatin Slocket Slot 1 One to Socket 370 CPU Adapter Converter: Electronics. CPU-CPU Slot-1 Socket-370 Adapter. 3in1 universal socket wrench gator grip socket power drill adapter NEW SOCKET 370 CELERON TO SLOT 1 CPU ADAPTERS - NO JUMPERS (NOT FOR  CPU Converter Adapter Intel Slot 1 socket 370 Slotket. EUR 11,08. + EUR 8,87 spedizione. 370SP CPU Card Socket PPGA 370 to Slot 1 CPU Adapter - NEW. 12 Apr 2019 Related links. All sockets. Slot 1 (also Slot1 or SC242) is a Slot-type connector with 242 contacts. This connector was designed for Pentium II  SOCKET 370 TO Slot 1 adapter + Intel Celeron - Tested - $11.95. FOR SALE! Please visit My eBay Store Add me to your Favorites list Socket 370 to Slot 1 

Revised Socket 370 supported Coppermine processors running at speeds 533 MHz - 1133 MHz with FSB 100 and 133 MHz and core voltages in the range from 1.5V to 1.8V. Tualatin Pentium III processors were not directly supported by the socket, though it was possible to run them in the socket with the help of Tualatin adapters (for example, PowerLeap

Pentium III Socket-370 CPU to Slot-1 Motherboard Adapter. Pentium III Socket- 370 CPU to Slot-1 Motherboard Adapter. 23123. $15.50. Back to Top  20 Oct 2019 And it will run at 100 Mhz also if you either have jumper for FSB on the adapter or mask pin on Slot1 connector. I once tried Tualatin Celeron on 

The StarTech PPGA-to-Slot 1 CPU Adapter Card allows Socket-370 type CPUs (such as the Intel Celeron and Coppermine) to be installed in a Slot-1 style Pentium II/III motherboard. The processor bus frequency can be auto-detected at 66/100/133 MHz in order to provide best compatibility between the CPU and motherboard, or it can be forced to 100

15 août 1999 La solution, c'est une carte permettant d'adapter un processeur PPGA sur une carte mère slot 1, qu'on appelle adaptateur socket 370/slot 1,  12 Jun 2006 This is essentially a Slot 1 board containing only a Socket 370, which A typical slot-ket adapter is shown in the "Celeron" section later in this  27 Oct 2000 Intel now calls this connector the SC242 slot connector and refers to this form factor as S.E.C.C., or Single Edge Contact Cartridge. Socket 370 is  Adaptador Processador Lga 370 Para Slot1. Usado · Adaptador Pga-370 (socket ) X Slot 1 (cartucho). R$19,99. em. 3x. R$7,10 

1 (total) / 1 (free) x processor - Socket 370 Processor. Max Supported Qty 1 Slot 1 Total Qty 1 S370 TO SLOT1 ADAPTER

Slot A was before Socket A. It looked similar to an ISA slot, and was for the Athlon Classic. There is no "Slot Kit" for the Slot/Socket A, only for the Slot1 / Socket 370. The slotket was used to install socket 370 CPUs in a slot 1. RJ

SOCKET 370 TO Slot 1 adapter + Intel Celeron - Tested - $11.95. FOR SALE! Please visit My eBay Store Add me to your Favorites list Socket 370 to Slot 1 

Because the pin definitions have changed between the Socket-370 PPGA Celeron and the FC-PGA Pentium III, older Socket-370 to Slot-1 adapters do not support the Pentium III. Therefore, it is Slot 1, Socket 370 For sale is an original Abit Slotket III designed for a socket 370 processor to be used on a Slot 1 motherboard. I purchased this new about 20 years ago, and it was regularly used with an Intel Pentium III 667 (133Mhz) processor on an Abit BE6-II motherboard (i440BX) until I disassembled the system today.